Parent Membership

Parent Membership

A Commitment to Excellence

TeachME primarily provides face-to-face learning but will evolve to include more learning options over time. TeachME is based on Common Law principles. We recognise our youth need a new way we grow and develop and we aim to help our youth to flourish and become strong empowered adults.

Parent Member Benefits

$42/6 Months

*Price is calculated in USD
Approximately $58 AUD

  • Freedom to choose a mentor that aligns with you and fits your schedule & paint the canvass of your child’s learnings!
  • Highly skilled and knowledgeable mentors

  • An amazing online community and knowledge sharing base- let’s empower each other!

  • A growth-mindset focus, such as through yoga, breath work, meditation, health and much more

  • Privacy- you are now a member of a private club. 

  • Private chats with members of groups that you belong to and ability to connect with other homeschooling parents

  • Peace-of-mind that you are a part of a likeminded community collaborating together

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