Mentor Membership

Mentor Membership

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Operating solely in the private, TeachME primarily provides face-to-face learning but will evolve to include more learning options over time. TeachME is based on Common Law principles. We are applying a new model to help our young ones to aspire and shine which bridges the gap between traditional and alternative approaches to learning. We welcome all new mentors.

Mentor Member Benefits

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$85/6 Months

*Price is calculated in USD
Approximately $116 AUD

  • Collaboration, support, and the peace of mind that comes from knowing you’re a part of the collective body of members.

  • Our advocacy and support in matters affecting member’s God-given rights and freedoms.

  • Protocols, documents, learning resources, procedures, seminars, webinars, live feeds, and other important valuable charitable works offered by the Guild at discounted amounts compared to non-members

  • Training on common law, particularly relating to using Trusts and operating as a private club.

  • Opportunities to become a trainer and advocate and pass these skills onto youth as well as other mentors.

  • A web-based platform to find young people to participate in learning groups; and most importantly to operate within a private space.